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Values and Ethos: ‘Our Vision’


Ribbon Virtues are based on ‘Character Traits’ promoted by Commando Joe’s Missions.

We use the ‘Missions’ to help develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding whilst building their capacity to choose intelligently between decisions that contribute to their character development and specific learning.

The RESPECT framework supports the ‘whole school approach’ and staff to be able to help children to develop these behaviour traits within a number of exciting topics based on amazing characters and aspects of their life stories. Significant heroes/heroines, explorers and adventurers have been identified to support children’s understanding of these essential life skills.

We try to be the very best version of ourselves by incorporating these virtues in our daily life at school and at home.


Communication Communication is: The ability to talk so we can share what we are thinking and feeling. Communication is also being able to listen and respond effectively.


Empathy Empathy is: The ability to understand how someone is feeling and knowing how to respond when others need your help.


Excellence Excellence is: Striving for the very best in everything you do. Excellence requires hard work, commitment and aspiration.


Positivity Positivity is: Looking on the bright side even when life is difficult; showing certainty and demonstrating a positive mind-set.


Resilience Resilience is: To keep going when things get tough whilst learning from your mistakes; knowing that it’s fine to ask for help when you need it.


Self-awareness Self-awareness is: Having the ability to effectively judge our behaviour and understand how this can impact on those around us.


Teamwork Teamwork is: More than just getting along with others; it’s working respectfully and effectively within a group whilst doing your share of the work.