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Ribbon Academy places prime importance on mathematical understanding and practical application of what is learnt. We acknowledge that mental ability is of great importance, and we therefore teach a variety of strategies to improve mental performance, from the Foundation Stage through to Year 6.

Children are encouraged to calculate accurately and efficiently both mentally and with paper and pencil. ICT is used in various and investigative ways to support our teaching of mathematics and motivate children’s learning. Knowledge and understanding of multiplication tables and number bonds is also an integral part of our mathematics scheme. From Foundation Stage, children learn to explore number, use mathematical vocabulary and work with shapes and measures.

Practical application of number and shape skills are developed as children measure and learn to interpret data. Children are encouraged to investigate, and are given open-ended tasks to promote their mathematical thinking. Ultimately, the work covering number, calculations, measure, shape, and space and handling data is designed within a problem solving context. Numeracy is taught in line with National and LA guidelines.

How parents can help?

As parents you can do much to support your child in Maths. The locality is full of shapes, for example church steeples, traffic roundabouts, patterns in clothing, wall and floor coverings. Practice in tracing, making and naming shapes is an important part of early Maths. Children can help with shopping so that they become familiar with coinage, costs and aspects of a household budget.

Baking together is an opportunity for your child to learn how to weigh and measure; further development can involve fractions, e.g. cut a cake into equal parts. Asking children to explain something to you is a good way to help their understanding. You can help your child practise and learn number facts, such as number bonds and multiplication tables. A thorough knowledge of tables is regarded as very desirable in upper Key Stage Two. Numeracy lessons will provide opportunities for children to practise and consolidate their skills and knowledge, to develop and extend their techniques and strategies.

Downloadable documents

Maths Vision

Maths Long Term Plan

Maths Programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2