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Computing has the potential to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the Curriculum.

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Society is changing and there is an increasing need for a greater level of technological knowledge and awareness amongst the population as a whole. The effective use of ICT in the classroom will help to produce a population that feels comfortable with the new technology, is able to access lifelong learning opportunities through the use of IT and can adapt to the rapid changes in this field.

All the software used in school is monitored to ensure that its use is non-discriminatory and, where relevant, represents cultural diversity. Our vision is to provide a vibrant 21st Century learning environment where all students can excel. We want our children to be creative thinkers, which will help them understand and change the world. We want to prepare them for an ever-changing world. By giving students more creative freedom and ownership of their learning and by bringing parents/carers into a closer relationship with the teaching and learning at the school, we have pledged to build strong skills in our students, which are highly relevant to the digital world we are living in. We want our children to make strategic choices about how they work at Ribbon. No longer are children bound to pen and paper. It is vital that we provide opportunities for our children to explore other possibilities. Through a range of devices, programmes and apps our children will become critical thinkers: they will begin to make choices about how they work. We want our children to become responsible, competent and creative users of IT. When children at Ribbon reach the end of year 6, we envisage that they will be confident and inquisitive problem solvers, who use IT as a vehicle for learning.

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The Computing Curriculum at Ribbon aims to teach children new skills, as well as giving children the opportunity to apply these skills in subjects across the curriculum. The computing curriculum at Ribbon teaches skills to cover the following areas:

  • Hardware
  • Media
  • Microsoft Word & Apple Pages
  • Microsoft Powerpoint & Apple Keynote
  • Communication (including iMovie & Garageband)
  • Coding / Computer Programming
  • Internet
  • E-safety

For each area above, skills are split up appropriately and progressively for each year group, from Reception to Year 6 on the ICT LTP.

Our HLTP IT Specialist (Mrs Ramirez) delivers IT lessons to all children across school. Following the LTP, work with the subject leader is completed to ensure children are learning how to operate different devices, systems and programmes and how to link them to their learning. Class teachers are then responsible for providing children with opportunities to apply these skills within the Wider Curriculum.

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The impact of IT will be evident in a number of different ways. Firstly, teachers will be required to upload evidence of IT application projects on Earwig, which will be monitored and feedback given by Miss Thorne. All classroom-based staff will complete the Apple Teacher training. Pupils will be given opportunities to feedback through Pupil Voice activities. Mr Bowdler will also implement Digital Leaders across school.


Termly assessments will be completed by each class teacher and agreed with Mr Bowdler. Assessments made will be based on practical activities. Subject leader will moderate assessment judgements each term using evidence uploaded to Earwig.

All year groups follow the Chris Quigley’s ‘Essentials Curriculum’.

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