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The Early Years at Ribbon uniquely combines a 39 place nursery (part of the school) with a 63 place Childcare provider, called Little Bundles of Murton.

Childcare for under 3’s is provided in two cosy but stimulating rooms. Children over the age of 3 access both education and childcare within one large nursery room. The school nursery staff and day-care staff liaise daily to ensure seamless provision for children who access varying combinations of education and childcare. As a combined education and care setting we understand the importance of a safe, secure, stimulating and happy environment- aided by the key person system which begins on a child’s first day at nursery.

Within all the nursery spaces- both inside and outside- materials and equipment are organised consistently to ensure that children are encouraged to use them independently from the earliest age. Early Years Practitioners support children as they play- seeking opportunities to extend their learning and develop their language. Children make daily plans with their key person at planning time and then recall what they have done at review time.

Each nursery session also includes “group or family times” in which children participate in adult initiated experiences such as singing, stories, exploring new equipment or learning new skills.

Every child at nursery and in Reception has an online Learning Journey (Tapestry) – consisting of photographs, observations of their play, reflections about and examples of their learning. These are shared with and can also be contributed to by parents and carers.

As children move into Reception the learning environment reflects that of the nursery setting with well organised and equipped areas for learning and exploring inside and shared access to the Early Years outdoors area. As in nursery, each child will have a named key person and be part of their ‘family’ in order to build and develop positive relationships.

Once the children are happy and secure they begin to take part in a growing number of adult lead activities to develop specific phonics, literacy and maths skills. These are complimented by and supported with the continuation of Play to Learn sessions, which as in Nursery, are supported by the Early Years Practitioners as partners in play.

The children’s interests and needs shown in these sessions are used when possible to plan future enhancements to learning within the setting in order to enthuse the children and foster a genuine interest in learning which we hope will continue throughout the school.

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Early Years Vision

Early Years Brochure